Things have been a little stagnant with FLUX.NET Since r2 was released in Jan 2007, so in April 2009, with around 1500 downloads of the app, several complex Flux implementations under my own belt and what was a largely inactive community site, I've decided to shut down the community portal and move everything over to codeplex for simplicity and ease of access.


I'm presently concentrating on both wiring up several starter applications for Flux and building up articles, how to's etc. I've already launched the basic starter kit with all the code you need to get a custom CMS up and running and I've written a couple of articles on integrating CMS with MVC - expect more coming soon.

As of today (2010), I'm working on a large starter pack which I'm calling Flux.NET Origins. This will take the base CMS framework and build an out of the box complete solution that can be used for almost any kind of site. This will continue to be open source as usual, but I hope this will provide a lower entry point for people to build useful CMS solutions.


There's a lot I'd like to get done with Flux, including porting the entire DAL across to either LINQ to SQL or NHibernate, and improving the UI for less technical users (transparent version control for example).

As such, if you are a C#, ASP.NET developer with a solid understanding of CMS principles and workflow etc and you have any spare time to contribute to the project, please get in touch through codeplex.

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neehouse Oct 9, 2009 at 10:06 AM 
Hi Tony,
Glad to see you still plugging away. Let me know if you need any testing/feedback.