Basic Installation Guide

  1. Extract the zip to a new directory on your machine - we'll call this DISTROOT
  2. Create a directory for your website we'll call this SITEROOT
  3. Create a virtual directory or website in IIS and map it to SITEROOT
  4. Create a child virtual directory mapping in IIS called admin and map it to DISTROOT\src\Deepcode.Flux.Admin
    1. a. Make sure your /admin mapping doesn't have a separate application configuration.
  5. Ensure you have a mapping at the root of your webserver called fluxclient and map it to DISTROOT\src\fluxclient
  6. Copy either formsWeb.config or windowsWeb.config to web.config in your SITEROOT. As the names imply one config is for forms based authentication and the other is for windows based authentication. Choose the appropriate one.
  7. In VS.NET open the website and add a reference to Deepcode.Flux.Core.dll from the /admin/bin directory. (alternatively you could create the bin directory and copy Deepcode.Flux.Core.dll into it).
  8. Open http://yoursite/yourvdir/admin/Setup/Install and follow the prompts

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