Improve preview facilities and integrate to workflow


Improve the mechanism for preview within administration.
  • When viewing version history, show a real preview of the page data in-situ.
  • Add a preview action to content to allow it to be viewed from the administration toolset
  • When viewing content being approved by workflow, show a live preview of the page.
To facilitate, add a new request scoped entity responsible for getting the data required for the page content. This entity should understand;
  1. Is the user an administrator
  2. Have they specified a preview=true parameter in the URL
  3. Is the user's staging server turned on in session?
  4. Is the staging server ignoring publishing dates.
If the user is not an administrator, no preview or staging should be allowed - always find the current published version of the requested node and render that.

If user is an admin and the preview parameter has been specified - render the node based on the latest content from version control, irrespective of state.

Additionally, if the staging server is turned on, get all related content based on the latest versioned content, irrespective of published state. Augment this by ignoring embargo dates if the staging server has specified this.
Closed Apr 7, 2010 at 11:08 AM by