Improve CMS interface and simplify version control


The CMS admin interface should be revised as follows;
  1. Keep the left hand tree view navigation. Allow content types to be specified as not appearing in the tree view. This will be useful to ensure that a blog with 100 entries doesn't show the 100 blog entries themselves within the tree view, only in the child list grid. Also enable content type definitions to specify if preview is available or not. Eg: A page group probably shouldn't be previewed as there is no data, just the node name/title etc.
  2. Remove the standard child list and action pane, replacing as follows;
[Selected tree node general information bar]
[TABS (default tab should be specified in the content type definition)
  • Current version preview with edit link for selected tree node
  • Properties pane (basic details, publishing dates, security parameters etc
  • Children list]
[Current version tab]
Show a preview of the content at it's latest version (not it's current published version).
Offer buttons to;
  • edit the content (should auto-check out). Edit only available based on rules below;
  • copy to clipboard
[Properties tab]
Allow the editing of node properties directly - publishing dates, security.

[Child nodes list]
  • Offer list actions
    Add child (select type if necessary)
    Paste move here (if clipboard)
    Paste copy here (if clipboard)
    Paste copy here with children (if clipboard)
  • Listing should display current children in a paged grid;
    [State] [Title (as edit link if available)] [Actions available]
States = Published, First draft, Locked, Being edited by you, Awaiting approval

List actions

Move up
Move down
Delete (if ! Locked - auto check out)
Edit (if !locked - auto check out)
Version History
Copy to clipboard
  • New editing process
    ○ You can only click edit if it's checked out to you or not checked out at all
    ○ Automatically checks out - not an explicit option any more.
    ○ Options on form are
    § Save and continue editing
    § Save for later
    § Save and publish
    ○ Save and continue - updates the data and returns to the form
    ○ Save for later - updates and returns to list with this item selected
    ○ Save and publish - updates, captures version notes, checks in and submits for approval. (May need to select approval workflow as normal)
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